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Bigwinboard interview – Print Studios Enters The Ring: Talking To CEO & Co-Founder Carl Wiggman


Print Studios’ CEO, Carl Wiggman, sat down with Bigwinboard to discuss upcoming games, expectations and our vision.

“This is probably the most difficult time ever to create a new successful studio, we are well aware of that. The main reason me and my two co-founders Tomas and Filip, whom I used to live with in London, still decided to do it, is simply because we saw the opportunity to do things even better. We don’t believe the best games are made by being pumped out once a week by behemoth companies comprising thousands of people, of which very few (especially at the top) are actually getting down and dirty with the slot creation. We think it’s more like a band, where the best results come when a small group cooperate and challenge each other to push the limits.”

“Currently we’re 10 people including two advisors. Everyone in the team have extensive and star-studded backgrounds, with quite a few from Quickspin. Basically, a bunch of hungry veterans. Of course, getting a team together has been our most important task here in the start and also the accomplishment we’re most proud of. We believe we’ve found some incredible talent and we’re only just scratching the surface of what they can achieve.”

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