53, Old Bakery Street, Valletta VLT 1425, Malta

Pine of Plinko DD

Far up in the Piney Treetops, an ingenious gnome has devised a remarkable world inside his clockwork home. Enter the Pine of Plinko to experience our upgraded version of the classic ball-dropping action. Pine of Plinko has a classic, simple, base game with lots of scatter symbols granting frequent access to the Plinko Bonus. If the player is in a rush, the bet boost will more than double the frequency.


Hitting three or more Scatters grants entry to the Plinko Bonus Game. In here, the player will drop balls (in their own pace) that eventually make their way down to the prize buckets at the bottom. The prizes range from 0.1 to 1000x of any given ball!

This is just the beginning however. When balls hit the three bumpers in the middle, players can unlock entry to the next stage, granting +10 drops and double the amount of balls that come with each drop. The final stage grants a whopping 256 balls per drop!


Triggering jackpots is more fun than ever in Pine of Plinko.

In this special Plinko Jackpot bonus, the player will get an endless amount of drops. Each ball dropped will progress one of the five jackpot meters. Whichever Jackpot meter fills up first triggers that jackpot!

The excitement is at its peak whenever a big jackpot meter is only one ball away from triggering.

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