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Print Studios has definitely not been idle since we last spoke with them in connection with the Kongebonus Awards 2022. Two new and highly creative releases from Carl Wiggman and his team at Print Studios have made their way to your online casino so far in 2023. Both Holy Hand Grenade and Cash Defense are slots that tantalize your senses with unique approaches and features. Of course, we speak with Carl about these two new titles, but the most exciting for loyal Print Studios followers may be a couple of months away?

We reveal, among other things, that Print Studios will launch its first sequel title during the year. Can you guess which of the audience successes it will be that gets the honor? And if that wasn’t enough, we have asked Carl to pose questions to those of you who like Print Studios slots. Yes, you read that right. At the end of this Q&A session with Carl Wiggman, we throw the ball over to him, and he would like you to answer his questions in the comment field below the article.

We can’t really come to another conclusion for the Holy Hand Grenade slot then it’s dedicated to the british comedy group Monty Python. We notice similarities of John Cleese on the highest paying Bishop symbol. And the G.O.A.T. scatter to honor them as the greatest comedians of all time. How wrong are we here?

Haha I would not say you’re wrong, but we didn’t think as far as you guys. I love the old Holy Hand Grenade sketch in Holy Grail, but also loved seeing holy hand grenades pop up in other games, such as Worms and Fallout. For the rest we just imagined being stuck in a medieval countryside village where the local father has decided God speaks to his people through this wondrous new thing he invented (somehow): the hand grenade. Or are the grenades somehow supplied by the goats? We’re not really sure to be honest, but once we added the first goat it was impossible to stop. Devilish!

Have you ever ditched a slot-theme on the drawing board, saying. Nah… We can’t do this. It’s too controversial?

Hmm specifically because its too controversial would be only at the very early idea stage.. I once saw a picture of people selling human organs on a market in 19th century russia, felt like another studio would do a better job than us with that. With Holy Hand Grenade, I could see it being controversial for some, but not for gamblers. We’re already quite an irreverent breed, and poking fun at medieval churches in a light setting makes sense in a slot game. Then of course, there’s a lot of game ideas that we just leave cus they don’t feel exciting enough.

Once again you have a unique and different approach to the bonus-round. What are the initial responses/feedback telling you so far about Cash Defense? Is it worth the extra effort in making the extra animations/features?

Indeed, there’s always more effort making things from scratch. But so far it seems like the effort certainly paid off in terms of numbers. That said, even if it wasn’t a mainstream hit I think there’s value in us pushing the boundaries as a studio, taking shots at creating new genres and keeping our fanbase guessing. As long as we do the idea justice I’m quite happy, the worst is when you have a cool idea but ruin it by mistakes in other areas. A game is only as good as its weakest link.

Do you have any follow up ideas for your most successful titles? Will we ever see Crystal Golem 2, or even Royal Potato in a new format?

Its really awesome to see that you guys have taken a love for Crystal Golem, but its actually one of our least successful titles. Could be you and your viewers went deeper and thus found the potential. Still, we love the game for the same reasons you do so definitely not impossible. Royal Potato we have had some major improvements we want to make for a while, so expect Royal Potato 2 in September!

Print studios have a die-hard fan base in Kongebonus, that we know for sure. I was actually thinking about letting a few of them ask you guys some questions. But considering that you like to do things differently, we will as well. Now you can ask your fans whatever question you want here, and they will answer in the comment field below. Please take it away..

Sure! Thanks for the opportunity, building a fanbase is our main goal so keen to interact in whatever way we can with ya’ll.
Please explain wtf is going on in the Crystal Golem Big Win story.
Do you want more story-driven big win animations in the future? or not really?
What has been the most disappointing slot release (ours or others)?
What do you think about showing detailed stats inside the game, for example in huntress we showed the free spins trigger rate. Is knowing good or bad?
Other ideas on how we can give and get input from fans?

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