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Kongebonus interview with Carl Wiggman from Print Studios

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Did you at Print Studios know that the Crystal Golem slot machine has already gained a kind of cult status in Kongebonus? It is the machine that is always requested by members. And if that wasn’t enough, Royal Potato is well on its way to achieving the same status. What do you at Print Studios think about this?

Haha what!? Sorry but we actually had no idea about that (unfortunately no Norwegians in the studio yet)
! Crystal Golem was our first SuperSpinners game, and we fought hard with animations, sounds, math and everything else to make it as good as possible. There is room for improvement, but regardless, it’s great that you found it. The Klapp for Faen clip is magical! Generally, Potato is a bigger hit than Golem, so it might just be a few fat potatoes away from reaching the same status.

Can you tell us a little more about the background and philosophy behind Print Studios? The only thing we really know is that you are a small studio that was started in Malta in 2020.

The philosophy is very much Quality over Quantity, both with the games but also staffing, where we have a small and flat organization with experienced and talented people in every position. We were three guys who lived together in London that thought that the very best games would be made by a small skilled gang, instead of a huge listed organization. Since then we’ve been lucky to find great people working on remote all over Europe.

Working with slots and providers every single day, we usually think of Print Studios as quality before quantity. But in the last 2-3 months you have roughly doubled the number of released slots with Huntress, Reapers and now Pine of Plinko. Will this be the trend for 2023, with more frequent releases?

Quality over Quantity is still our hallmark, but there will be a couple more releases in 2023. We will then reach our maximum rate of 6 per year, once every two months. There was a bit of a ketchup effect at the end of 2022 with a lot of game announcements due to Huntress being delayed and Pine of Plinko leaking a little earlier than we expected.

How much has the collaboration with Relax Gaming via Silver Bullet meant to you? Would it have been possible to get acceptance for your slots in the beginning without help from the big guys?

Since our only focus is building games, it has been very important to have a good platform partner from the start. Relax had a reputation for being easy to work with and we had a good relationship with them, so the choice was natural. Building a platform from scratch would have taken much longer, and I spontaneously feel that the world doesn’t need more RGS platforms, but it’s interesting to see some other new studios building platforms right away.

We have of course tested Pine of Plinko, and must say we were quite impressed with the ingenuity of the bonus round with a Plinko board boosted with pinball features. Tell us a little more about the idea behind Pine of Plinko?

I am very happy to hear! I sat and thought it would be fun with a Plinko bonus where the balls drop and you get prizes, where there were also progressive elements (such as increasing multiplier or sticky wilds). Multiplying the prizes is possible but it doesn’t really work (if the 1000x prize is suddenly 10,000x it feels quite difficult to get a ball down there), and the idea of dropping more and more balls felt really exciting. Then I love when the balls in Pinball bounce between bumpers, and it felt like a fun thing that could happen at the top of the Plinko board, where there is less excitement normally.

At what point did you realize that your releases, especially Crystal Golem, and Royal Potato had great appeal to the public? And was it a surprise, or just a matter of time for you?

It’s hard to say actually, and I think we have a long way to go before we reach our full potential. From our perspective, it feels like we spend more time and love than other studios (so no real surprise in that sense), but of course many feel that way!

As mentioned, we at Kongebonus have played a lot of slots from Print Studios in the past year. We’re attaching one of our favorite highlights from Twitch this year so you can see for yourself what you’ve meant to our community 🙂

I think it’s a great clip and the whole team thought it was super fun to watch. We should have explained it better, but the Golem doesn’t clap unless he’s right next to the burning crystal! But it’s great to see a fat 5OAK with spinners on stream, that’s the key to winning big on Crystal Golem. I look forward to watching Kongebonus in 2023 and want to thank you once again for the nomination for Best New Studio in the Kongebonus Awards!

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