About Us

What is Print Studios?

Print Studios is a casino game studio founded in 2020 that delivers high quality slot games, specifically tailored to casino enthusiasts in search of deeper gameplay. All games are built in-house by an international team with years of experience of game development in the industry.

“Our team of industry veterans are all about the challenge of making gambling more fun than it ever was. With Print, we are creating a studio that focuses on impactful game design that delivers mind-blowing experiences.” Carl Wiggman, CEO.

Going against the trend of churning out games at a rapid pace, the team will deliver games that are meant to be played for years, always looking to improve the experience wherever possible.

The Team

At Print Studios, we’re proud to be made up of an international team of experienced and passionate individuals. We strive to create a working environment that helps nurture and spark creativity.

Carl Wiggman
Tomas Calmfors
Filip Wargéus
Andrew Hadlington
Lead Developer
Kristian Johansson
Lead Developer
Mattias Hallqvist
Product Owner
Tiago Möller
Art Director
Lucas Johansson
Alina Poghosyan
Head of Business Development
Matijos Gebreselassie
Art Director
Deepak Bhinder


We’re all experts of getting the most productivity out of ourselves.
We’re all shareholders in the company and encourage members to join for the full ride, reaping the rewards at the end. Our mode is one of friendliness, always looking out for each other
Everyone in the company is driven by crafting incredible experiences. We do whatever we can to improve the game, and expect everyone to contribute creatively.